What is the STX warranty policy?

Click here to view our warranty policy.  To request a warranty repacement, please send an email to ukstoreinfo@stx.com, being sure to include a picture of the item(s) in question. 

Do I need an RA number for a warranty claim?

We do not require an RA number for warranty items.

How do I get sponsored by STX?

We applaud on field success at every level, but academic success is just as important. STX does not sponsor individuals except for those who have exhausted their college eligibility and gone on to compete professionally.

When it comes to team or event sponsorships, as you might imagine, we get hundreds of requests. While we wish we could honor each and every one, the truth is we simply can’t. If you would like to be considered, please prepare a complete and well-documented sponsorship proposal, knowing that we typically work 8-12 months out in event planning. You should submit your formal written proposal to:

STX Sponsorship Coordinator
1500 Bush Street
Baltimore, MD 21230  USA

How do I find out about career opportunities at STX?

Like every good team, we are always on the look-out for the next best prospect. Consider yourself a top-notch free agent? Check out our career page at www.stx.com/careers and be sure to upload your resume while you’re there.

Does STX make charitable donations?

STX is deeply committed to giving back to the community, especially where there are special needs . If you have a charitable request, please address it, along with confirmation of your non-profit status and a formal written proposal to:

Charitable Request Coordinator
1500 Bush Street
Baltimore, MD 21230 USA

I have a question about a specific product. Whom should I contact?

For answers to specific product questions, please contact us via email with as much information as you can provide at ukstoreinfo@stx.com.

What if I can’t find my receipt?

Usually, the retailer you purchased the product from will have a record of your purchase but if you are unable to obtain one we will also accept a copy of the portion of your credit card statement showing the date of purchase.

Do you sell direct to consumers?

STX is pleased to be able to sell our products directly to consumers within the United Kingdom..

Where do I send a product idea?

STX does not actively solicit product ideas from outside our company. The issues from doing so can be complicated, including patent rights. We have in the past received product ideas through ukstoreinfo@stx.com when the originator has waived any rights to claim ownership later. Remember, we do this stuff for a living!